ego spa salon

about our spa salon

We believe that healing begins with a significant change in human consciousness. Our team of professionals trained to address muscle imbalances and postural problems, chronic pain, stress management, lack of flexibility and athletic performance enhancement.
Through professional massage techniques, strengthening and stretching program, we help our customers achieve their health goals in life, all in a relaxing and therapeutic environment.


I like all of this SPA, from the cozy atmosphere to meet me, I received a fantastic massage and spa services at the door staff.
Splendid Massage therapy has always been an important part of my life for the past few years. I have been a frequent visitor to the many top spas around the world and has never been like here.
I believe I have used 5 out of 7 therapists at Splendid Massage It is quite unusual for people with chronic pain disorders to feel comfortable enough to use any therapist that is available.